How much is removing asbestos water tank?

What is the cost of asbestos water tank removal in th United Kingdom?

The prices are higher in the siuth of England in general when we are talking about asbestos removal.

But the most important thing to know of pricing asbestos water tank removal:

  • Need an asbestos survey (150-250£)
  • Domestic asbestos water tank removal (200-250£) – because it’s avarage size
  • otherwise 50£/square metre for different size 
asbestos water tank

Do you need to remove asbestos water tank?

Good question to ask. If you don’t intend to remove the water tank there is a budget friendly option for you (ONLY!!!) if the asbestos survey report allow to do it. And the solution is asbestos encapsulation, which means the asbestos water tank has to be in a fairly good condition for this option. And the price tag on this option is 7-9£/square metre. sound better right?

We recommend to remove asbestos water tank because...

Asbestos is a very toxic material and the harm that can cause it’s deadly and irreversible. once you get rid of asbestos from your peoperty you never again need to be worried about it. And you incorporate with the modern view of the world. 

Asbestos Removal Pricing

Find the other asbestos price guides in the U.K.

asbestos garage roof removal

General price of a single asbestos garage roof removal

– 450£ –

Asbestos garage removal

A single garage removal costs between

– 1000£ – 

artex/texture coating removal

A very dangerous job but it can be done by a professional

– 250£ –

Why people used asbestos water tank in the past?

Asbestos was called the magic mineral becasue it was so easy to bind with other materials. just as asbestos water tank is a mix of fine asbestos fibres and cement. Asbestos add extra strength and flexibility to the water tank. The cement itself quite rigit therefore is more fragile and lower quality to fit in the construction industry. The cement-asbetos bond create an irresistably improved material ACM’s, that seemd a pioneer technology in the mid 20th centurty.

iIt is hard to belive but asbestos was used in more than 4000 different type of items, including household items such as hair dryer, bakelit disc, toaster, insulating board in the bath and around fire exits and fire places to protect flammable part of the surroundings.   

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