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Asbestos in your home

You won’t belive where asbeston can be.

Let’s start with the fact that when asbestos is in a form where is hard and undamaged is considered safe. As soon as asbestos containiong materials get broken or scraped off that is dangerous because asbestos particles start flying in the air exposing danger to people around. Find the list below where asbeston can be.

Artex, popcorn painting.

Artex type of covering was a very popular choice in the past. paint was mixed with samll asbestos partocles that made the painting layer stronger and fireproof. Asbestos is a mineral right, so fire doesn’t hurt it. it ia completely inflammable. just like you try to set a regular stone on fire. plus Artex is a kind of cheap decorative alternative. Some talented painter and plasterer made beautiful pattern of the walls and ceiling. 

The problem starts when you want to get rid of Artex layer from the walls. The person who wants to srape off the textured layer dry… I mean good luck for life. It is deadly dangerous. not because the person die right away, but most importantly 10-15 years later the symptoms start to appear and few years after R.I.P. Let’s move on the nex item. Shall We?    

Asbestos Floor tiles

Asbestos was used widely in housing, and some older floor tiles were strengthen with asbestos that help to prevent the cold break through from the floor. Warm floor but for what price. Removing older flood tiles require the presence of experienced asbestos contractor to maintain the work safely and professionaly. Hard asbesos floor tiles contain up to 25% asbestos but considered a low risk material. Vinyl floor tiles are attached by asbestos paper that has almost 100% asbestos in it so it is part of a high risk asbestos containing material.

Asbestos Insulating Board

Asbestos insulating board were placed in walls, ceilings fire proof doors, fire exits and soffits. Asbestos is a mineral, therefore it is fireproof 100% – genious – But it is very harmful because AIB is a part of the friable asbestos category which means even just touching the asbestos insulating board lead to fibre release.

Asbestos Pipe Insulation

You can see asbestos pipe insulation usually in houses in the groundfloor or the garage where the heating system is installed. this tupe of insulation similar to asbestos encapsulation. the main goal here is the keep the heat traped in the pipes to deliver heat efficiently. can be very dangerous when it’s damaged because if is made of a loose fill asbestos that itself very friable asbestos. You don’t even need to touch, sometimse a stronger wind blow or resonance is enough to release some fibres. Deinitely a must to fix if it’s damaged. 

Asbestos roof

Asbestos roofing is a tricky one. Asbestos cement roof is a common sonstruction element on garages and bigger industrial building mainly in a agricultural era. Asbestos is binding with cement therefore it considerde a relatively safe asbestos form of ACM’s. Bitumen roof covers are those black covers that protect the roof from weather damage.

Bitumen Dump Proof Courses

Asbestos Dump proof course is considerd a low risk ACM’s and it is found built in walls around 40-60cm high from the ground. The dump proof course meant to be stopping water to rising up from the ground to the brick wall. Basically it keeps the walls dry no matter what.

Old Asbestos Water Tank

Asbestos cement made water tank was acommon object in many house in the past. Asbestos water tanks were located usually in the loft of the buildings and served people for many years. Year by year asbestos cement start to deteriorate and the risk of asbestos fibres going into the water is defenetaly a no go. You need to get rid of asbestos from your home for your family’s safety.

Asbestos in home appliances daily used equipments.

You won’t believe where asbestos can be found in everyday life equipment. it is scary. But keep in mind asbestos only dangerous when you inhale or indigest it. While asbestos carefully bond in many different materials it almost harmless to  anyone. pleas find the list of the equipments and appliances:

  • iron and iron rests
  • toaster
  • oven stoves
  • bitumen sink pad
  • fridges
  • electric heaters
  • electric blankets
  • boilers
  • hair dryers
  • dish washers
  • washing machines
  • fire blanket
  • toilet seats & cisterns
  • electrical fuses
  • gaskets

Do I need to be concerned about Asbestos?

As you could read above, asbestos literally surround us in our home, but I have to say there is nothing serious to worried about until these listed materials are not damaged or can be seen of any damage of it. As you know now many asbestos material is mixed with other elements and that way in good condition are not exposing hazard to your health. 

Remember to not remove and disturb these hazardous part of your home. Call professional help  to remove and even sample asbestos containing materials.

Consideration for DIY Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal is a very risky job even for professionals who do this for a living. There are some case when asbestos removal is a legel action that you can do it yourself. However considering the fact that asbestos dust can be releaser into the air lead to letha consequences. The time, effort and research you need to do for the safe asbestos removal work is huge. Plus you need to know how to dispose of the asbestos waste etc. 

We never recommend asbestos removal yourself

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