Sliced Home

Asbestos in your home

You won’t belive where asbeston can be.

Let’s start with the fact that when asbestos is in a form where is hard and undamaged is considered safe. As soon as asbestos containiong materials get broken or scraped off that is dangerous because asbestos particles start flying in the air exposing danger to people around. Find the list below where asbeston can be.

Artex, popcorn painting.

Artex type of covering was a very popular choice in the past. paint was mixed with samll asbestos partocles that made the painting layer stronger and fireproof. Asbestos is a mineral right, so fire doesn’t hurt it. it ia completely inflammable. just like you try to set a regular stone on fire. plus Artex is a kind of cheap decorative alternative. Some talented painter and plasterer made beautiful pattern of the walls and ceiling. 

The problem starts when you want to get rid of Artex layer from the walls. The person who wants to srape off the textured layer dry… I mean good luck for life. It is deadly dangerous. not because the person die right away, but most importantly 10-15 years later the symptoms start to appear and few years after R.I.P. Let’s move on the nex item. Shall We?    

Floor tiles

asbestos was used widely in housing, and some older floor tiles were strengthen with asbestos that help to prevent the cold break through from the floor. Warm floor but for what price. removing older flood tiles require the presence of experienced asbestos contractor to maintain the work safely and professionaly.

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