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How can I be sure my home is asbestos free?

Do you suspect asbestos?

Abestos containing elements in your home can be found if your house was built before 1999.
Chances are big you are free from asbestos if you are in the opposite situation.
Using asbestos in the UK was banned since that year. But let’s have a look what can you do if you live in an older building? 

The truth is asbestos mines are still operating in the other side of the world and still producing thousands of types asbestos products.

Locate asbestos in your home.

We can be sure almost 100% sure when we let a licenced asbestos surveyor inspect your home. Asbestos surveyors carefullyy take samples from suspected are of the property and then take those samples for analysing. The analysis takes up to two, three days maximum, although usually you get your asbestos report in 24hours. Asbestos survey the way to go if you want to be sure of your asbestos situation. There is a more cost effective way to surveying asbestos. it is a DIY method. ut you need to be experienced and have asbestos awareness tarining to do that. buy an asbestos sampling kit and just send it to analysis.  

Get an asbestos report.

Call a professional contractor to survey your property and don’t rely on your hipotesis or others. It can be dangerous when it comes to disturb asbestos containing materials.

After the asbestos survey and analysis it’s time to remove all asbestos from your home. It can be a very intrusive work, but it really boils down to where asbestos was located and how friable the material is. 

When do you need to get rid of asbestos?

There is no sense to remove asbestos from inside the wall if you are not going to have a plan with it. i’m thinking about here mpre loke a refurbishment or an upgrade that would consideribly disturb the asbestos material. Otherwise just leave it when time comes to demolish the wall. 

On the other hand you need to remove asbestos when it is clearle damaged and exposes potential risk to people. For instance talking about damaged pipe lagging. This is a friable asbestos example. You might ask: What is friable and non friable asbestos? Find out in the next blog.

Would you feel better in an asbestos free home?

Professional asbestos companies provide asbestos survey that helps identify the hazardous materials in your home. Sometimes it takes a bit of damage in your building, but it is noithing that you ca not fix. 

You need to know even ther eis asbestos in your home there is nothing really to afraid of untl the deadly substence is not disturbed. Undisturbed asbestos elements of your home in  a good condition won’t harm you and your family. asbestos removal has to be carried out professional asbestos contractors only when asbestos expose real danger to you. 

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