dangerous asbestos

Why is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is a long term killer.

We are talking about a crystal that naturally forms at the leg of the big hills and mountains. This mineral made of silicate mainly and ithas a very interesting property. It looks like a wooly rock. The reason being is that those wooly fibres are microscopic and very sharp. It doesn’t harm your skin, not that sharp. But they are very sharp. 
Okay, the point is: the sharpness is dangerous because it is very very irritative for organs. 
The person who inhales even a small amount of asbestos fibre can be a guaranteed way of cancer or other lungh disease. 


How asbestos affects your lunghs.

These little sharp spiky fibres are easily airborn onse someone disturb the mineral or even something that contains asbestos. Because its weight (super light) they are able to float in the air for even days if the room is not well ventillated. 

Once the deadly fibres landed in your lungh, doctors say it is more likely to stay there and buy many years of irritation and scarring cause cancerous cells in the lungh. This called asbestosis. Asbestosis is a type of interstitial pulmonary fibrosis where the soft and originally expandable lungh become rigid and lose its elasticity that results breathing difficulties.

There are many other bad outcome of this but I think it is scarry enough.


You need to be aware when you refurbish or upgrade your home if it was built before 1999. You want to know why? Read the next article where I tell you why older homes are suspected to be have asbestos in there.

Avoid Asbestos contamination

The best thing you can do when suspect asbestos materials in your home is to avoid to touch and disturb them. It is tempting to inspect the ACM’s by yourself I know, but be cautios this is not a game, this is your life you are playing with . Once asbestos is disturbed the small microscopic fibrillus released to the atmosphere and floating in the air for long hours waiting somebody inhale or indigest them. Eventually asbestos fibres in your body trapped and cause inflammations that lead to serious irreversible diseases in a long run. 

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