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Cost Guide for Asbestos Artex Removal

Want to know how much Artex asbestos removal cost?

Asbestos removal cost in general is not a cheap service because people have to work with high level of toxic material and along with the asbestos survey can be a bit costly. Therefore to protect themselves and you and the environment some serious steps has to be done prior asbestos removal. Artex removal is a different story. You can find Artex contaminated with asbestos particles, fibres and find without. The age of the artex ceiling almost always tell if asbestos present in it or not. 

The old artex that has been painted before 1985 almost 100% mix with chrysotile asbestos (white asbestos). Long story short, when you are looking for the removing price of Artex is roughly 10-25 £/ square metre. 

Average price is 18£ in Blackpool and Northern England. The prices are higher in the south of U.K. and it really comes down to the companies custom pricing.

How do I know whether Artex contain asbestos or not?

Very important question that hugely effect of the price of removing textured ceiling and wall.
The age of the Artex ceiling is one of the mayor guide of suspect asbestos fibres in the decorative layer. Based on the legendary asbestos history and the connection together with the construction industry we can confidently say that there is a pretty big chance asbestos is present in Artex if they were painted up before the age of 1985. This is almost 99% sure asbestos fibres are present in the coating. Between 1985-99 there is a chance.

The truth is from 1976 you had an option to buy Artex without asbestos particles in it. Asbestos contaminated artex was still produced in the united kingdom to the end of 1984 but still after that you can find Artex with asbestos on the shelves. There are two options are available to you to find out the whether the killer fibres are present or not:

  • Buy a sampling kit and send it to analysis or

  • Ask for asbestos survey, and they can even happy to sample any asbestos cement suspicious elements in your home and even from your asbestos garage roof. Many times it is a complimentary service if you decide to go with asbestos removal service with a company who did the survey. Sounds good? Quicker and safer for sure.

The asbestos survey cost between 150-200£. Then you need to wait for the result of asbestos testing that takes up to 24 hours. Asbestos services are not the cheapest services but it raise the value of the property once is eliminated completely.

How do you get rid of Artex?

Artex removal process using X-Tex chemical gel.
Wetting agent prevent asbestos dust exposure in the air. This is a safer way to remove the mineral.

There are many way to do Artex removal. I’m going to mention the safest way to do it.
If you want to do it safely, it means you must avoid produce asbestos dust during the process. 

How to do it? 

The removable area has to be treated a sort of wetting agent or gel which soften the hard layer. Never use power tool for scraping off because it creates harmful dust. Do scraping manually.

Look for a chemical called X-Tex. Apply on a half m2 surface then you need to wait for 20-30 seconds of each wetted area to be softened so that you can easily scrape off the unwanted layer. Scrape only the dump part to avoid making any dry harmful dust.

If you are against chemical, you can use steamer machines to make the surface wet. Be careful, this method can make Artex pretty runny very quickly and make a mess on the floor, clothes or anything.

What other options available for Artex removal?

Well, there is a much faster way to get rid of Artex. This texture coating asbestos material most of the time painted on huge plasterboards. Nothing is quicker than carefully discharge the plasterboards with asbestos artex on it and you are done. The only downside of this method:

  • It requires more man power to move these big plaster boards.

  • It takes more space when it comes to dispose of Artex along with the plaster board.

  • You need new plasterboard to replace the old one.

Can I plaster over Artex? And how much would it cost?

This is one of the method that requires the least effort, and of cource you can. The average price of plastering over Artex is around 20-25£ per square metre. it is much cheaper considering the price of Artex asbestos removal cost. You need to remove lumps from the surface and use PVA solution (prior plastering) to kind of smooth out the surface. 

The final finish won’t be the best work due to the previous layer’s texture. The only thing that you must not forget there is asbestos Artex under the plaster. Let’s say you decide to sell the property, the new owner needs to know about the hidden Artex plaster because when they decide to drill in the wall or go with demolition which would release enormous amount harmful dust.

How to get the most affordable asbestos removal cost?

The best value for money is always ask the local council what is the amount that they can take for free. Every council different.

 Although if you don’t want to deal with it or you have concern due to possible asbestos contamination, the best way is to phone up the local asbestos removal licensed contractor brigades. 

This type of asbestos removal work actually doesn’t require license but I highly recomment such asbestos removal contractor who has license because they are just more fit to the job and handle things safer along the latest asbestos regulation.

About safe asbestos removal.

Some people tend to jump into asbestos removal work without any research or training.

Huge mistake that put you in danger, and probably is illegal due the local council needs to know any type of asbestos removal activity. We don’t recommend to do it yourself in any case. This is how a professional asbestos removal company approach the routine tasks:

  1. Asbestos Sampling the suspected elements (asbestos containing Artex).

  2. Analysing (part of the asbestos survey).

  3. Asbestos plan and detailed description tells the level of risk of asbestos removal.

  4. Asbestos encapsulation can be an available option if discharge is not necessary according to the circumstances.

  5. PPE (personal protective equipment) and necessary precautions prior work to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure.

  6. Wetting the surfaces to reduce asbestos dust release.

  7. Scrape of old Artex from all plasterboard and safely double bagged them with the hazardous sign sticker on it.

  8. Clear up the site, using HEPA filter in the hoover (that’s the only filter that capture the tiny asbestos fibres)

  9. Dispose of the scraped off old decorative or non decorative texture coating.

  10. Handing out the asbestos report that say there is no more asbestos in the mention part of the property where asbestos removal was processed.

One room of the Artex asbestos removal cost is generally a 350-500£ per room that take few days to finish. The final price of the Artex ceiling removal is really depend on the size and if asbestos survey is carried out or not.

What do I need to know about Artex?

popcorn artex coating
popcorn ceiling

It’s a widely used texture coating which was used to create sometimes very impressive interior artex ceiling. 

But there is an ugly version of Artex ceiling called popcorn ceiling. There is no beautifully crafted pattern over on the ceiling tiles or plasterboard. The popcorn ceiling was meant to be serve the needs as asbestos insulation and mainly foud in low quality building structures such as sheds and old garages. Under the asbestos roof of these structure mainly find popcorn ceiling. Some of the poor houses’ inside were covered with this kind of solution.

This type of Artex ceiling (popcorn) made like just thrown on the plasterboard and it does the job of thermal insulator function. It looks awful. Both type of asbestos ceiling contain approximately 1-4 percent chrysotile (white asbestos) asbestos fibres which is not very much, but enough to keep the textured coating in a good shape.

Note: never attempt to use any dry scraping or power tool to scrape off the Artex coating.

Artex is not the only name of this decorative textured coat. The different name for Artex ceiling:

  • Marble coating

  • Newtex

  • Pebblecoat

  • Suretex

  • Wondertex

The last name (Wondertex) can really tell the painting has asbestos because this naturally occurred silicate crystal / stone called the ‘wonder mineral’. The white asbestos is one of the most common used mineral in the housing industry. It is very flexible compare to the other type of toxic silicate but still has the qualities of them such as:

  • great thermal insulator

  • non-flammable

  • perfect electric insulator

  • strengthen other material

  • weather resistant

  • long lifetime

Quick Summary of Artex removal cost.

  • Survey cost: 200£ (optional)

  • Artex removal cost: 18£ / m2 or 300-500£ / room

  • Plaster over Artex cost: 20£ / m2

  • Asbestos disposal (free service when the asbestos removal company discharge the textured coating)

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