Get to know more about asbestos and the danger that can cause.
Be aware, asbestos is a hazardous suppliment addative in many elements of the older buildings even these days.

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Why is asbestos dangerous?

In a nutshell: asbestos is a silicat mineral and it has very interesting qualites, actually good point of use in construction, but it also very harmful as was discovered lately.

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Where can asbestos be in my home?

As asbestos containing materilas were used in the past all over the world in housing companies and even bigger constructions, there are still remains of this dangerous compound in many part of the buildings. Examples in the article.

how can i be sure my home is asbestos free?

In general, we can say: Asbestos was banned in the end  of 1999. New built houses and buildings should not contain asbestos in th UK. That would be illegal. If you have an older home you should consider to take some actions.   

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workers in danger



These days painters are the least exposed to asbestos floating asbestos fibres. But still can be when they need to remove old Artex coating from walls.

pipe fitters

Pipe fitters

Not risk fre at all, during the pipe installation process asbestos fibres can be released.

plasterer is a old profession


A professional plasterer works very close to insulating boards which has a very high amount asbestos fibres.

carpenters can be at risk due to asbestos exposure


Carpenters spend the most time on cconstructions and refurbishment and for that reason they are exposed to asbestos the most.

demolition crew

Demolition crew

When it comes to destroy an old building there is a lot of dust and can be asbestos dust too on the site.

Roofers in danger


Isolation Board in the loft, vermiculite as a loose insulation material contain asbestos.

Ask for professional help for handling asbestos

Asbestos removal is a dangerous job that requires serious precautions and experience.

professional asbestos removal and asbestos disposal process

All you need to know about Asbestos removal

Removing asbestos is a process that only asbestos specialist should do with the necessary precautions.

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About asbestos garages in blackpool

Why should you remove your old asbestos garage? It’s harmful, toxic and hurt the vaule of your property and land.    

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